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After go live, monitor performance to ensure a strong customer experience, expectations and service levels are met, and that the model is being used, promoting adoption. Call quick attention to issues so that you can work with the customer to address them as quickly as possible.


Typically, monitor models with one or more of these characteristics:

  • High volume
  • High complexity
  • High concurrency

Before you share performance information, make sure that you have already established SLAs for model performance. In addition, be selective about who receives information regarding performance, as some statistics will need translation.


Create an Anaplan performance app to monitor performance. Anaplan uses Splunk reports to populate the app with data. Determine the frequency of monitoring, the audience and also create clear translations of the data for the project team.


The app will include Minimum, Maximum, Average and Median values for:

  • Model load time
  • Model save time
  • Toaster time
  • Response time by object, measured in milliseconds
    • Dashboards
    • Modules
    • Large calculations
    • List loads
    • Actions
    • Processes
    • User

The Anaplan Way also focuses on maintaining customer’s satisfaction with the investment they made in time, people, and cost. Customers should feel comfortable saying they built a solution for their future business success.


No enterprise system runs flawlessly on its own 100 percent of the time.  As with any system, Anaplan and the customer must monitor what’s happening as more data and calculations are added to models, more users are added to the platform; new and emerging processes cannot be overlooked. 


Make monitoring a high priority for Anaplan as a critical process for every project team’s success.  Put reliable systems in place to track performance and fix defects at the earliest possible stage. These practices help you succeed with your customer and help customers expand their use of Anaplan to drive their business performance.

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Is there any guidelines on how to create an Anaplan performance app to monitor performance of specific model and/or specific workspace models?