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After successfully launching the first release, revisit those items identified in the Process Workshop as other parts of the process the customer wants Anaplan to do. Do you remember when you did the white board of the business process and determined what this project would include? Revisit that whiteboard with the customer to determine what the next step is. Determine what the upstream or downstream models might be. What was the project team’s first use case?


What are the models that send data to the model?


Here is an example to help you think about this:


You may have started, for example, with a territory and quota model.  What’s upstream from a territory and quota model?  It’s usually some strategic targets or it could be some sort of market segmentation data or some sort of share of wallet analysis that you’ve done.  There could be varying model and data sources that could be produced on Anaplan.  Today they could be in Excel or they could be in a legacy system.  They could be used to actually feed the territory and quota model that you’ve just produced. 


Similarly, there are models that are on the same level as territory and quota.  And there are other models that territory and quota could feed.  For example, territory and quota could feed an incentive and compensation management system.  It could feed a territory allocation-type model.  Those models could feed a P&L—cash flow and balance sheet for financial statements.  The territory and quota could actually feed a sales forecasting model; this may be itself fed from but has the strategic targets and then some forecasting within itself.  That sales forecasting model then feeds a P&L.


You can see there’s sort of a web of models upstream and downstream and models that are actually in line with one another that feed different models but can be used by Anaplan. What’s critically important, of course, is that all of these things are fed from a central metadata hub that you can set up with Anaplan so that all of your metadata and all your data can come into that central location and then feed the different use cases, which themselves are connected to one another.


The customer may also look to create their own competency center, or Center of Excellence (CoE). With a CoE, customers build an Anaplan practice and models that will connect across the business.  See Chapter 8, Center of Excellence for more information.

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