DigitalCPX + Anaplan Live! 2021

A two-day live, global event for model builders.
Missed the event? Get on-demand content!

Missed the event? Get on-demand content!

More than 3,000 people joined DigitalCPX + Anaplan Live! in June. The two-day global event kicked off with a lively discussion about how critical model builders are in supporting executives in achieving their goals of thriving in the "next normal." Anaplan Live! offered technical sessions with an interactive Q&A that followed. The day wrapped up with a Master Anaplanner award ceremony and a lively keynote session from the Anaplan product team.

All Anaplan Live! sessions are now on on-demand below, and all DigitalCPX sessions are on-demand here.

The Planual (Anaplan Planning Manual) was the first comprehensive set of documented Anaplan best practices based on system performance test results and Hyperblock engine optimization. Now, we’re taki...  Read Full Article
Learn everything you need to know about the D.I.S.C.O. methodology and hear about why it’s important to follow this approach. See D.I.S.C.O. in action in a live model build presented by Anaplan model...  Read Full Article
Even the best plan is meaningless without accurate, up-to-date data, which is why Anaplan allows complete flexibility and supports inbound data from any system. Join us to learn how to move data arou...  Read Full Article
Discover the benefits of migrating to the UX and hear tips from working model builders on how to approach it. Learn how the UX helps you build plans and execute tasks easily and quickly, access custo...  Read Full Article
Anaplan Live! Host Chris Weiss sits down with Chief Development Officer Ana Pinczuk to discuss how critical model builders are in supporting executives in achieving their goals of thriving in the ‘ne...  Read Full Article
Anaplan Live! Host Chris Weiss has an in-depth conversation with Anaplan’s Product Leadership on the current state of Connected Planning. Find out how our latest innovations empower model builders to...  Read Full Article
Learn how to use your model-building superpowers to automate ROI tracking in Anaplan. Learn about why it’s important to know upfront what your ROI and outcomes are and why it’s important to define th...  Read Full Article
You can’t plan without accurate data. Hear from model builders about how to move data in Anaplan in order to build the best models. Learn how to pull data together from disparate systems in order to ...  Read Full Article
Anaplan removes the technological barriers of scenario planning. In this session, learn about what great scenario planning should look like and how to do it in the Anaplan platform. Hear about why ex...  Read Full Article
Executive buy-in is critical to the success of Anaplan models, your career, and your ability to get investment in your team and expanding your use of Anaplan. In this session, you’ll hear from model ...  Read Full Article
Discover the best ways to prevent the most common implementation mistakes. Hear how avoiding these mistakes will help accelerate deployments, bring faster adoption for end-users, and facilitate faste...  Read Full Article
Are you considering a career as an Anaplan model builder? In this session, hear from working model builders about what they do every day, their personal career journeys, and the different career trac...  Read Full Article