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How do you enable a team of dedicated Anaplan professionals?

Given that one of the fundamental roles of a CoE is providing a centralized group of professionals dedicated to Anaplan, how do go about onboarding and ramping up new resources to your Anaplan CoE? Do you leverage the Anaplan training materials, your own internal onboarding program, or a mix of both?

-Chris Weiss
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Re: How do you enable a team of dedicated Anaplan professionals?

We definitely use a mixture of internal and Anaplan provided resources. First we like to immerse our core model builders into Anaplan by having them work through various Anaplan training courses so they can get a feel for the functionality and terminology. We then walk them through our internal models at a high-level, explaining how everything is connected and giving them an overview of some basic model building techniques that we use (i.e. Action naming standardization...). Once ready, we will task them with simple model building projects and then gradually get more complicated with the asks, sitting along with them when necessary to guide their building.


Our training for general users of our models is specific to each use case and consists of a combination of: model walkthroughs, shadowing existing team members, quick reference guides, and on screen (dashboard) instructions

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Re: How do you enable a team of dedicated Anaplan professionals?

While on-boarding new resources (internal or external) is often a challenge, we typically start off the on-boarding process by walking the resources through our current Anaplan Models.  This gives the resources a good understanding of how we have architected our current models, while providing them insight into how we could have architected the platform better. 


After the initial model walk through, we gradually give the resources more and more difficult stories based on their skill level.  The faster we get resources working on challenging stories the quicker their skills & knowledge of our system grow. 


We typically leverage Anaplan training for new hires without Anaplan knowledge or to refresh current team members skills.