What are the most popular types of governance models?

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What are the most popular types of governance models?

An Anaplan Center of Excellence is a centralized governing body dedicated to upholding common standards and sharing best practices, and they can range from being entirely centralized to entirely federated among the different groups of Anaplan users. Defining your governance structure is a critical step along the maturity curve of more advanced Centers of Excellence.

What is your level of centralization and type of governance model, and do you have any recommendations about things you’ve tried along the way of finding the right balance?

-Chris Weiss
Certified Master Anaplanner
Certified Master Anaplanner

Re: What are the most popular types of governance models?

Hey Chris,


Interesting question! It's probably more something to debate on!

I guess that the answer, in my opinion, will depend on the company culture, the industry and the approach towards Anaplan.


I personally believe that Anaplan is more a capability than just an application and if you want to structure it too much you end up losing the competitive advantage that it can potentially be.


That being said, you need to have a work frame / guidance in order to ensure sustainability.


As I once described it, the best that I like operating a CoE is kind of "Order within Chaos". I mean chaos to the eyes of traditional project management or IT/IS, since the agility and flexibility of Anaplan can be sometimes overwhelming in conservatives environments. Order is probably easier to explain....