You played a key role in the strategic decision to look for a new planning solution, garner budget, and select the Anaplan platform. Now you will help guide the team on transformation planning and rollout.

This tailor-made onboarding site serves to provide you the information you need to be successful. Covering the important steps for getting started, best practices to ensuring a successful deployment, and resources to support your success beyond your first Anaplan Use Case. Remember; Anaplan really is a journey, and this page should serve as your expert guide.

1. Getting Started with Anaplan

  1. Step 1: Setting up your Access to the Anaplan Community
  2. Step 2: Learning how to 'speak Anaplan'

2. Foundations for your first deployment

  1. Learning our Project methodology; The Anaplan Way
  2. Writing your project Manifesto (The Anaplan Way)
  3. Working with Partners

3. Guidance during your Anaplan deployments

  1. The importance of change management
  2. Maximize ROI with Anaplan

4. Ongoing support for your Anaplan journey

  1. Connecting with Anaplan Customer Care
  2. Staying aware of platform updates and scheduled downtimes
  3. Engaging with the Anaplan Community (Online Forums, User Groups)
  4. Expanding your internal Anaplan Competency (We call this 'Center of Excellence')
  5. Learn how our customers are using Anaplan
  6. Learn more about what others have built on the app hub