The Extensions Bulletin: April 2020

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 The Extensions Bulletin | April 2020


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What's New?

  • This is our new monthly bulletin. If you like it and support this initiative, give us some kudos here and share this on Linkedin! 👏
  • Your one-stop shop for the extensions, Very proud to be the first products to have their dedicated page on Community (although the NewUX has one, we offer upgraded format and content!).
  • We published 5 best practices articles on Community to help you use the Office suite and add-ins, and manage them in your company, to get the most of our products
  • We released Excel add-in 3.4 and PowerPoint add-in 1.6 on 31 March 
  • We launched our dedicated feedback group: join us to take part in our next feedback activities (surveys, interviews...)! 🗣Your voice matters, everything we have delivered this month is based on your feedback.

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Community and Events

  • Dozens of people celebrated the launch of the extensions page on Community by liking and sharing this post.
  • Coming soon: I will be running an interactive session in our virtual user group on 11 June. Register now to learn about the benefits of the product. 
  • Coming soon: in the feedback group, we will be sharing the results of the March 2020 survey. Join the group to read those.

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Your Ideas

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  • A huge kudo to @JaredDolich for sharing this brilliant idea of creating a dedicated page on Community (also supported by previous user research we had done and this suggestion on the Idea Exchange). Your contribution to Anaplan is as big as your love for the Office add-ins. Did I already say we listen to your feedback? 😉
  • At Anaplan, thank you to the amazing Community team (especially @Stan) for making everything happen. Your support and quick turnaround have been amazing!
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Did You Know?

  • More than 400 customers and partners use the Excel and/or PowerPoint add-in, this is several thousands of users around the world!
  • Based on a survey ran in March 2020, 75% of users save time in report preparation.
  • Learn more about the benefits and what our users say, and see how these products could improve your business.
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End-User Tips and Tricks

  • When using "Send and refresh" in Excel add-in (via the new ribbon button "Show changes" in version 3.4), any formula entered in an editable cell is wiped out during the refresh phase unless you selected "keep Excel formula" in the settings. Have a look at this resolved forum post for more information.
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Model Builder Corner

  • If you connect your Excel report or PowerPoint deck to a saved view, it is a good idea to use a naming convention for those saved views. For instance, you could name them XL_my saved view or PPT_my saved view. This enables you to then
    • Find the saved view more easily when you create a connection (as you can type to search amongst modules and saved views),
    • Remember these views are used by an extension (in case you wanted to make changes to the view).
  • Read more about our Excel add-in best practices.

It's a monthly update about the extensions, directly coming from the development team. Watch out for the next one at the end of each month.

How does it differ from the monthly release post?

Contrary to the release information which covers all the Anaplan products, we focus on the extensions.

Why should I care? How does it impact me?

If you are one of our 1,000+ users of the products, then you might want to read our bulletins as well to be on top of everything that's going on. If you are a Master Anaplanner or on the path to become one, you should definitely be interested in learning this information too.

Do you like this bulletin? Would you like to suggest ideas?

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