The Extensions Bulletin: April 2021

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 The Extensions Bulletin | April 2021


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What's New?

  • Excel Add-in 4.2 available to all users: you can now insert more than one million cells in your worksheet as requested in this idea and this idea.


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Community and Events

  • Community members have posted lots of new ideas this month, and lots of ideas have moved to the roadmap. We really listen to your feedback and the best way to make your suggestions visible to other users but also to track the status of your ideas is to post there. Check out the next section for what's coming soon.

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Your Ideas

See an idea you like? Vote for it to increase its popularity.

  • Ideas on roadmap


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  • Thank you to all Community members who submit ideas, this greatly helps to shape the roadmap!



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Did You Know?

  • More than 100 customers have already upgraded to Excel Add-in 4.2, what are you waiting for?
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End-User Tips and Tricks

  • If you built an Excel report with connections to a "test" environment, you can change the Excel file to point to the "production" one without having to rebuild from scratch: simply use the "remap a connection to a different model" functionality.

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Model Builder Corner

  • If your IT team asks you which protocol the Excel Add-in uses to communicate with Anaplan, you can tell them we use HTTPS as default and we support TLS1.2 protocol.



What's this bulletin?
It's a monthly update about the extensions, directly coming from the development team. Watch out for the next one at the end of each month.

How does it differ from the monthly release post?

Contrary to the release information which covers all the Anaplan products, we focus on the extensions.

Why should I care? How does it impact me?

If you are one of our 1,000+ users of the products, then you might want to read our bulletins as well to be on top of everything that's going on. If you are a Master Anaplanner or on the path to become one, you should definitely be interested in learning this information too.

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