The Extensions Bulletin: March 2021

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 The Extensions Bulletin | March 2021


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What's New?

  • Excel Add-in 4.2 was released: you can now insert more than one million cells in your worksheet as requested in this idea and this idea. As with previous versions, we do a phased release so members of the feedback group were given access first. We expect to make the new version available to download on Anapedia soon. Check the target dates and what's in each version.
  • The FAQs (previously called Considerations) pages in Anapedia have been removed for the Office Add-ins. Instead, all the information has been added to the relevant pages (for instance, information about the limit of the number of cells can be found on the connection page) to make it easier for users to find the right information in the right place.


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Community and Events

  • We've reached 150 members of the feedback group, and it keeps growing. If you're not part of it, you're missing out on trying out new extensions as soon as they're released and giving your feedback on new functionalities.
  • More and more customers are using the Google Sheets Add-on, so we had 30-minute feedback sessions with them. Users are happy because they save time and minimise mistakes by avoiding the copy/paste into Google Sheets thanks to a one-click refresh, and they count on you to vote for their ideas: Change the connection owner in Google Sheets and Pivot and filter in Google Sheets Add-on

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Your Ideas

See an idea you like? Vote for it to increase its popularity.

  • Ideas on roadmap


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  • At Anaplan, we say thank you to our support team (Bruce, @MilanaSkoko@Ali@HalR and all our colleagues) for providing great service to our customers and working closely with the development team to solve issues and integrate feedback into our roadmap.
  • To our dozens of Google Sheets Add-on customers, we're pleased that you have started using this new extension and seeing the benefits, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us over the last two weeks.



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Did You Know?

  • We're interested in talking to IT professionals to understand their needs when they roll out the extensions. If your company has specific IT policies, we would love to hear from you. Monitor this dedicated IT corner for updates.
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End-User Tips and Tricks

  • In the Google Sheets Add-on, you can configure your worksheet to determine whether it inherits Anaplan cell formatting and styling. You can also reset the authentication type to switch between using your Anaplan username and password or Single Sign On. Learn more about the settings.

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Model Builder Corner

  • If you have lots of Excel connections using the same page selector (for instance Time, which needs to be updated every month), there is no way to change the page selectors in all sheets at once. We recommend you create saved views filtered by the desired Time period (using a line item with a Time list drop-down) and then connect to those saved views in Excel. This way, when you update the filter line item in Anaplan, the connections in Excel will reflect the desired Time period. You then just have to "Refresh All" worksheets to get the latest data in Excel.
  • Going one step further, you could make the line item filter dimensioned by the users list, so that each user can have their own filter. Note that you won't need to add the users list to all your other modules.
  • If you do not wish to go back-and-forth between Excel and Anaplan, the filter module can be connected to via the add-in in read/write mode. The Excel user can therefore update the line item in Excel, "Send and Refresh" the data to Anaplan, and finally refresh the entire workbook.



What's this bulletin?
It's a monthly update about the extensions, directly coming from the development team. Watch out for the next one at the end of each month.

How does it differ from the monthly release post?

Contrary to the release information which covers all the Anaplan products, we focus on the extensions.

Why should I care? How does it impact me?

If you are one of our 1,000+ users of the products, then you might want to read our bulletins as well to be on top of everything that's going on. If you are a Master Anaplanner or on the path to become one, you should definitely be interested in learning this information too.

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