The Extensions Bulletin: September 2020

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 The Extensions Bulletin | September 2020


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What's New?

  • We've released Excel Add-in 4.0. Learn more on our version information page. We are now in the second phase (the add-in is available to download on Anapedia) and are targeting the third phase for the first half of October. This has enabled us to get feedback on the new functionalities early on and to resolve some concerns before all Excel Add-in users receive a pop-up notification that a new version is available.
  • Learn how we have designed a better upgrade experience and how our customers have helped shape the future of the Excel Add-in in this blog.
  • We have updated our governance best practices to reflect the new 4.0 features that make it easier for you to roll out the add-in within your company.
  • @SonalTripathi talked about how the Excel Add-in was helpful in solving two key problems for admins and end users in this blog.
  • We have announced the end of support of Office 2010. Don't worry: if you use Office 2010, you can carry on using the add-ins, but no further development will be done to support this version of Microsoft Office.


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Community and Events

  • Our CPX sessions "Product Xperience Chat about Reporting and User Experience" and "Agility with a Modern Planning Experience: A New Way to Plan: The Anaplan User Experience" have received great feedback. Thank you for joining.
  • We recruited for user research sessions about reporting. Thank you to those who volunteered. 
  • We will soon be asking you for feedback about the phased release and whether you would like this approach to be repeated in the future, as well as running testing sessions of the design prototypes for our future roadmap. Join our feedback group to be notified.

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Your Ideas

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  • Ideas on roadmap


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Did You Know?

  • Once you have upgraded to Excel Add-in 4.0, you won't see the pop-up notification that triggers when you open Excel and a new version of the add-in is available (for example 4.1). This is because we have changed the functionality to be less intrusive and more discreet for the users: you will now see a red dot in the "What's New" section of the ribbon.
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End-User Tips and Tricks

  • Use the support email functionality under the "Help" menu of the ribbon in Excel Add-in 4.0 if you are encountering an issue. This automatically generates an email pre-populated with technical information (so you don't have to search for it)

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Model Builder Corner



What's this bulletin?
It's a monthly update about the extensions, directly coming from the development team. Watch out for the next one at the end of each month.

How does it differ from the monthly release post?

Contrary to the release information which covers all the Anaplan products, we focus on the extensions.

Why should I care? How does it impact me?

If you are one of our 1,000+ users of the products, then you might want to read our bulletins as well to be on top of everything that's going on. If you are a Master Anaplanner or on the path to become one, you should definitely be interested in learning this information too.

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