Benefits of the Extensions


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Business value

Efficient and seamless

Channel data efficiently with minimal manual effort: Analyze data and distribute reports to speed decisions

  • Seamlessly connect Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to Anaplan to keep Anaplan as the planning source of truth
  • Establish two-way connections, bringing source data from Anaplan into Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel and writing analysis from Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel back into Anaplan
  • Refresh reports and multiple worksheets in Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel with newly-calculated data within seconds

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Flexible and connected

Connect Google Sheets to Anaplan for analysis and reporting: Align plans and decisions with the latest planning data

  • Take advantage of Google Sheets / Microsoft Office features such as advanced ad-hoc analysis and collaboration with the latest planning data from Anaplan

  • Create a variety of pixel-perfect charts and reports in Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel with live Anaplan data to meet the most demanding stakeholder reporting requests

  • Apply either Anaplan or Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel styling and formatting to keep reporting consistent across the organization

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What our customers say

Main benefits

Based on a survey ran in March 2020:

  • 75% save time in report preparation
  • 73% need reports in a specific format
  • 68% can do ad-hoc analysis
  • 66% can share data with other people who do not have access to Anaplan
  • 57% find it easier to share reports
  • 54% have improved reporting quality
  • 38% benefit from a lower learning curve as they use a familiar tool
  • 29% like the ability to work offline
  • Save time for other people in the organisation
  • Additional modelling capabilities (e.g. VBA in Excel)

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Customer quotes


  • "Big fan of the Excel Add-in"
  • "It is an extremely useful add-in both from Centre of Excellence and our business user perspective"
  • "It's a great tool for a lot of users who are familiar and use the Excel program and complements Anaplan well"
  • "The add-ins are terrific especially the now that we have the ability to push data back to Anaplan. Can't imagine life without them since it's a big factor in the overall value chain"
  • "Simple and flexible"
  • "Makes life easier"
  • "I have recommended to colleagues who have found them equally useful"
  • "I set up a training session and "How to" guide for people to be able to install and use the add-in, as I felt it was a very useful tool for our group to utilize"

Ad-hoc analysis

  • "They are very functional for quick Excel reporting and analysis, standardizing presentations that must be in PowerPoint. and allow for many more formatting options than the Anaplan dashboards"
  • "Statistical Modeling using VBA, particularly classification methods like clustering. I need a way to iterate on the data"


  • "Office add-ins are very useful and help to run a report from Anaplan and share with others"
  • "I like that I can refresh/pivot my data without going to Anaplan, hence easy to make reports that require data coming from multiple modules"
  • "Our Excel add-in setup is fundamental to our Anaplan solution here. Many people utilise it to quickly integrate Anaplan into their monthly reports and create a live connection to it"


  • "I have found the Excel add-in to be extremely useful in developing custom reports that can be easily updated based on our Anaplan models"
  • "Overall, it is a huge time-saver for the back office to send data to a wide audience"
  • "It saves time for other people in the organisation, not just me"


  • "The add-in is much more user friendly for Anaplan users with limited experience."
  • "The Anaplan Excel add-in is relatively easy to use"
  • "The easiest way to get data out of Anaplan and be flexible"
  • "The 3.x versions are much easier and smoother to use"

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