Compare the Extensions


Note we only compare the latest versions

Extension PowerPoint Add-in Excel Add-in Google Sheets Add-on
Connection Modes      
Read-Only Connection Yes Yes Yes
Read/Write Connection  - Yes Yes
Multi-Sheet Connection  - Yes -
Connection Types      
Connect to a Module and Pivot and Filter - Yes -
Connect to a Saved View Yes Yes Yes
Connection Options      
Clone a Connection - Yes -
Clone a workbook N/A Yes -
Remap a Connection Yes Yes -
Extended Data Cell Limit - Yes -
Usability enhancements      
Enhanced upgrade: installer, workbook conversion and compatibility - Yes N/A
Install for multiple users Yes Yes*** N/A
Enhanced ribbon: support email, help, feedback - Yes -
Options      
Username and password Yes Yes Yes
Single Sign-on




Authentication Settings Yes Yes Yes
Proxy support Yes Yes N/A


** Only Self-Service SAML

*** Separate msi installer