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Anaplan offers Extensions designed to help users with their reporting and ad-hoc analysis needs, by facilitating integration with third-party tools. If you are just starting to think about the Extensions, you can find all the material to get started on this page.

The Anaplan Academy has lessons to support learning about the Extensions, for model builders as well as end users.


The micro-lessons are all designed to deliver the correct information to you, right when you need it! To access them, you can either:

  • Go to the micro-lessons area of Anaplan Academy, scroll down to view the filters, and select Extensions to see all the associated micro-lessons.
  • Alternatively, we have also listed all the micro-lessons below for your convenience.


  1. Extensions: Security
  2. Extensions: A Tour of the Community [Coming Soon]

Excel Add-in

  1. Excel Add-in: Terminology
  2. Excel Add-in: Installation and Sign in
  3. Excel Add-in: Upgrade and Workbook Conversion
  4. Excel Add-in: Information Section of the Ribbon
  5. Excel Add-in: Remap a Connection
  6. Excel Add-in: Multi-sheet Connection [Coming Soon]

Do you have suggestions of micro-lessons? Tell us in the comments.


We do not offer any certification or course for the Extensions at the moment.

ou have suggestions of micro-lessons? Tell us in the comments.

New features

We summarise the highlights and create a short walk-through video for each release. Check out the release information for Excel Add-in and PowerPoint Add-in.

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powerpoint lessons coming? 

This is not part of our plans at the moment, as we focus on the Google Sheets Add-on which should go GA soon

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