Security in AM365: how does it work?

Here is a quick overview of how to control access to Anaplan's data in Anaplan for Microsoft 365.


For Model Builders

Users in AM365 inherit the same security restrictions they have in Anaplan:

  • A user with non-editable permission in Anaplan will also have non-editable permissions in AM365.
  • AM365 inherits the access restrictions set by the:
    • Model Roles
    • Dynamic Cell Access
    • Selective Access


For Page Builders ⚠️

The only exception is in the UX. If a Page Builder in the Card Configurator has set a grid card as non-editable by all users, it would instead be editable in AM365 to all users who have read-write permission and that can access such card’s data based on the above restrictions, which still apply.


Card configurator.png

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