Use Cases for the Extensions


Access the power of the Anaplan platform from your preferred tool of choice.


Extensions help our customers analyse data, report and make decisions​ faster, by enabling all users to work and collaborate efficiently with Anaplan data in their familiar productivity tools.


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Business needs

User types



Jobs to be done

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Anaplan for Microsoft 365





Google Sheets Add-on

Work offline and access my data anywhere


Distribute a report in a specific format

Consume Anaplan data but don't have access

Work in my familiar tool

Do some ad-hoc analysis


Create highly-formatted reports


Integrate data that is not yet in Anaplan


Send data to Anaplan from my spreadsheet


Collaborate on a report


Connect to Anaplan UX


* Offline extension

Example scenarios

You can read customers' stories in those blog posts.

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Facilitate decision making


Finance analyst

As a Finance Analyst, I need to create a P&L report every month for my management team. I need to create this report efficiently and trust the data is accurate, so I can spend time analyzing the figures and providing some insights and recommendations.

Usually, I spend a lot of time copying and pasting data into Excel, doing some data validation, sending the file to colleagues, before I can finally spend the little time remaining to do some value-add work of analysis.

My management team also gets upset when the report is not ready on time or some values are off.

Management team

As a Decision Maker, I want to get my weekly PowerPoint deck with the latest Anaplan data. Not only the data should be up-to-date but my analysts should have provided an analysis of the situation and provided recommendations.

My leadership team is used to a specific slide format which we are familiar with so the flexibility is key.

I am also asking my analyst to integrate some ad-hoc pieces of analysis to deep dive into some specific areas of the business, and they have to provide me with this on time for my Monday morning business review.

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