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ℹ️ Phased release information: We roll out our add-in in phases. This is not a beta release (in a sandbox environment with a test version) nor early access (with regular catch-ups with the development team) but this is a normal release under the standard Anaplan T&Cs and support process (contacting Anaplan Support). Note that the new versions have been thoroughly tested and can be used on your models and in your regular activities.

  • Phase 1 enables members of the feedback group to try out the add-in first. Any customer/partner/employee can join.
  • In phase 2, the add-in becomes available for download for all users
  • In phase 3, all users receive a notification in Microsoft Office that a new version is available. If you choose to upgrade, note that the installation may not happen immediately, but only when you close Excel.

There are about 3 weeks between phases, the target dates for phases 2 and 3 may change.

ℹ️ How and why upgrade:

We recommend following our governance best practices to upgrade to another version.

You can use any of the non-deprecated versions below, although we recommend using the latest ones to benefit from the newest functionalities. Should we deprecate some versions in the future, we will contact you directly and update this page.

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Excel Add-in 4.4: "Authentication via Universal Login"

Phase 1 [February 16, 2022], Phase 2 [March 3, 2022], Phase 3 [March 16, 2022] 

Our Excel Add-in 4.4 enables you to be authenticated using Universal Login.

Authentication in Excel using Anaplan Universal Login
  • Anaplan Excel Add-in now supports authentication via Universal Login, allowing you to use Self Service SAML as part of your authentication process. Please remember that Universal Login with SSO does not work for classic/legacy SSO connections.
We have also resolved a number of issues improving the usability of the Add-in.


Previous Versions.png

Features 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4  4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4
Release dates May 2019 Aug. 2019 Nov. 2019 Mar. 2020 Aug. 2020 Oct. 2020 Mar. 2021 Jul. 2021 Feb. 2022
Connection Modes                  
Read-Only Connection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Read/Write Connection  - - Yes Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Sheet Connection  - - - Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connection Types                  
Connect to a Module and Pivot and Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connect to a Saved View - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connection Options                  
Clone a Connection - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clone a workbook - - - - - - - Yes Yes
Remap a Connection - - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended Data Cell Limit - - - - - - Yes Yes Yes
Usability enhancements                  
Enhanced upgrade: installer, workbook conversion and compatibility - - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Install for all users Yes Yes Yes Yes - - - Yes**** Yes****
Enhanced ribbon: support email, help, feedback - - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Options                  
Username and password Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single Sign-on Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes**





Authentication Settings - - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proxy support - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


** In the add-in (not in the installer)

*** Including Self-Service SAML

**** Separate msi installer


Excel Add-in 4.3: "Multiple users and multiple workbooks"

Phase 1 [July 29, 2021], Phase 2 [August 12, 2021], Phase 3 [August 25,2021]

Our Excel Add-in 4.3 enables you to be more productive by rolling out the add-in more quickly to your users and working with multiple workbooks.

Easier enterprise roll-out

  • You can now install for multiple users thanks to our dedicated msi installer, allowing your IT teams to deploy the add-in seamlessly to all your users - including via SCCM [user guide]

Work with multiple workbooks

  • You can now work on multiple (duplicate) workbooks at the same time, enabling you to work more productively across different files. To duplicate a workbook, just close your workbook and take a copy, or simply "save as".

💡 Ideas delivered:

Known issueEditing an Excel file in Google Sheets can disable Anaplan Excel Add-in Connections.

Excel Add-in 4.2: "Extended Data Cell Limit"

Phase 1 [March 30, 2021], Phase 2 [April 14, 2021], Phase 3 [April 22,2021]

Our Excel Add-in 4.2 supports connections up to 5 million data cells (compared to 1 million in previous versions) to enable you to create bigger Excel reports to facilitate decision making.

Removal of the 1 million data cell limitation

  • You can now create a connection to a module or saved view with up to 5 million data cells [user guide]
  • Note that the performance will vary according to the number of cells you’re retrieving.
  • If you’re using Excel 32-bit, we’ll warn you that Excel may run out of memory.
  • Although you can create a read/write connection with 5 million data cells, you’ll only be able to send and refresh 1 million cells at a time.

💡 Ideas delivered:

Excel Add-in 4.1: "Self-Service SAML"

Phase 1 [October 29, 2020], Phase 2 [November 17, 2020], Phase 3 [November 30, 2020]

Our Excel Add-in 4.1 has all the great features of 4.0 and also works with Self-Service SAML.

Self-Service SAML support

  • All customers using Self-Service SAML need to use this version [user guide]

Known issues resolved with this version

Excel Add-in 4.0: "Revised Upgrade and Remap"

Phase 1 [August 20, 2020], Phase 2 [September 11, 2020], Phase 3 [October 6, 2020]

Our Excel Add-in 4.0 makes it easier for anyone to install and upgrade the Excel Add-in, access the right information at the right time, and work more efficiently. We have summarized the highlights in a blog post, created a short walk-through video and explained our approach in this other blog post.

Enhanced User Experience [blog]

Simplified Access to the Information Users Need [blog] [training]

Upgrade Seamlessly From One Version to Another [blog]

Flexible Connections [blog]

💡 Ideas delivered:

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Excel Add-in 3.4: "Proxy and Multi-sheet"

March 31, 2020

💡Ideas delivered:

Official release notes

Excel Add-in 3.3: "Read/write Connection"

November 21, 2019

💡Ideas delivered

Official release notes

Excel Add-in 3.2: "Saved View Connection"

August 22, 2019

Official release notes

Excel Add-in 3.1: "Faster and Clone"

May 1, 2019

💡Ideas delivered:

Official release notes

Excel Add-in 3.0: "Read-only Module Connection"

August 30, 2018 - This version has been deprecated on May 31st, 2020.

💡 Ideas delivered:

Official release notes

Excel Add-in 2.6: "Classic"

July 11th, 2017 - This version has been deprecated on May 31st, 2020.
  • Only for me / for everybody installation options

Official release notes


@MagaliP you are a marketing genius. What a great idea to give each upgrade a tag name. Love it. 

I really appreciate all the upgrades, but "read/write" was my favorite. There was a parade in my township in your honor that day.

@MagaliP - New version looks really good . Looking forward to test it !!

you mentioned this: "We have also resolved a number of issues improving the usability of the Add-in" can you list those issues please, what exactly has been improved with 4.4?