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Google Sheets Add-on: "All users can refresh a spreadsheet"

June 16, 2021
This version allows any user with access to refresh the connection and data on a sheet. This new capability extends the ability for more users accessing a sheet to keep the connection and data up-to-date with the latest information.  [user guide]

💡 Ideas delivered:

Previous Versions.png

Release dates Dec. 2020 June 2021
Connection Modes    
Read-Only Connection Yes Yes
Read/Write Connection Yes Yes
Connection Types    
Connect to a Saved View Yes Yes
Connect to a Module and Pivot and Filter - -
Connection Options    
Clone a Connection Yes Yes
Connection Owner Restriction** Yes -
Options    
Username and password Yes Yes
Single Sign-on Yes* Yes*

* Self-Service SAML only.

** Only the user who created the first connection in a spreadsheet can refresh the spreadsheet and use the add-on

Google Sheets Add-on: "Read/write connections to saved views"

December 2, 2020

Retrieve, read, and write Anaplan data through the Add-on. Install the add-on now! [user guide]

Easily Produce Robust Analysis and Reports

💡 Ideas delivered:

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This is a really fantastic & detailed summary of such a new -- and exciting -- additional capability.  As much of a fan of MS-Excel as many of us are, Google Sheets has a whole series of (very) underrated aspects of its own.  

Sidenote:  As a relative newcomer to Anaplan, I was able to try this using the "Financial Reporting Tips & Tricks" sample on the AppHub and it worked immediately, which was just so cool 😎  There are a lot of amazing possibilities for this from the FP&A perspective especially.  Kudos!


Does Google Add-In allow to Pivot and Filter the way it's possible in Excel Add-In? I was only able to connect, but on 'Preview' data format seems to be uneditable. Would appreciate your support.

Kind regards,