Applicants will be required to complete training, submit an application, and achieve a high level of measured activity within their Anaplan model(s) on a consistent basis before taking the certification test.

Annual maintenance of status will be required to ensure Master Anaplanners stay current on product updates and engaged in Anaplan activities. Please watch for additional details coming in early 2019 to ensure your Master Anaplanner status stays active every year.

Activities are measured on your daily interactions with your company's models within the platform. Activities are defined as edits and changes made within your model.

In order to maintain annual status, you must maintain a high level of model activity throughout the year.

Any customer or partner who has been with Anaplan for a minimum of one year is eligible to apply. Consideration will be given to applicants who completed the required Anaplan training and who have met a high level of monthly activity within their Anaplan model(s), measured through model activity and edits.

Training requirements can be found by visiting our training outline here.

Applicants will be required to complete training, submit an application, and gain model building experience. There is no time limit on completing requirements, but they all must be completed prior to gaining access to the certification test.

If your application did not meet the requirements for any reason, feedback will be provided to you to assist you with next steps.

Certification Test

A link to the Master Anaplanner certification test will be sent to applicants that meet the activity in model requirement within 10 business days of applying.

Applicants that don't meet the activity in model requirement will receive an email within five business days of applying detailing the next steps to take in order to meet the requirement.

Designed to test your cross-functional Anaplan knowledge, the test includes 60 multiple choice questions around Data Integration, Model Building, and The Center of Excellence Principles. Upon submitting your test, you will be immediately notified if you have been accepted into the Master Anaplanner program.

The test allows for 90 Minutes to complete and must be completed in one concurrent session.

Maintaining Status

We expect our Master Anaplanners to engage in many ways. First, by using and deploying the latest Anaplan features and functions to enhance your company's connected planning journey, including data integration (ALM, HyperConnect, etc.). 

In addition, it is also encouraged that you engage in the Anaplan Community by participating in product discussion boards, authoring best practice posts, contributing to blogs, and providing use cases. We look forward to your participation as both a contributor and a leader in webinars, User Groups, and at our annual CPX conference.

Annual status maintenance will be required to ensure Master Anaplanners stay current on product updates and engaged in Anaplan activities. You will be expected to stay up to date on new product release features. Please watch for additional details in coming months to ensure your Master Anaplanner status stays active each year.

For additional questions about program changes, please email us at MasterAnaplanners@anaplan.com.