Dynamic Recipient Notifications

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Dynamic recipient notification functionality is an extension of the existing UX notification action that allows for greater flexibility when collaborating with users. You can now target specific individuals and draw them into the planning process when they’re needed. By mapping recipients against any other list in your model you can send notifications to chosen individuals based on the context selected on your page.

See it in action here


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Great - was looking forward to this!

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Great! Thanks for this. In addition- is there are plan for notifications/warnings which are based on some rules? Lets say forecast accuracy level is below 5% and based this users are informed.

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I think that is a good idea @DSENB !  Please add that to the Idea Exchange - and when you do please comment here - I will want to vote for the idea. 

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thanks @philip.austin for suggestion, I have added this idea.

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I think is a step in the right direction... but isn't possible to make the "Recipient" editable, similar to the "Message".


If it is possible to edit the message, why not edit also the recipient. It is OK to have a proposed recipient...but why not have the possibility to amend it in a similar way how is possible when it is used the "Share page" 🙂

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I assume, You could calculate that via module.

You can establish any logic, on your desire to calculate which emails use for final line item used for notifications.


@alexpavel , 

I would suggest to try form to fill in to the list used for emails storage in module used for notification.

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Currently, it is possible to choose as Recipient Line-item ONLY the Users formatted line-items...and ONLY 1 line item. It cannot be setup, at least at this moment, with multiple recipients for notification actions.





Per my understanding: what @DSENB suggested is: Exactly what was made possible for the Recipient (to be linked to a line-item from a module) to be also possible to setup also for the text body message. 


Indeed, as a workaround, using a module with the function MailTo and concatenating different information (including the Pages links that could be part of some system module) in function of the user Point of View you can create any message and any link you want. 


MaiTo function has a small weakness: multiple recipients are created exclusively with "comma" and some e-mail apps ( for example Outlook) accepts only semicolons (;)...and the user needs to modify this before sending the e-mail...


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By the way - what happens if users are identified by their UPN from their IdP application (ie Azure) ?

Do we need to use a line item to store the actual Email address for each user, and reference it there ? Or is the UPN/Email address mapping performed natively / automatically ?

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@YvesL  If using this feature, the line-item for Recipient needs to be formatted as "Users". So, you do not need to bother with UPN/Email addresses...etc. 🙂


Anaplan will take care, using the information provided when the Anaplan user was created. 


Hope it helps!



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Very cool. Thanks for delivering this functionality this year. 

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It is a great addition to the toolbox.

I look forward further future enhancements in this direction (possibility to select a list parent resulting in selecting all recipients in the list children items)

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Great addition. We have been looking for this for the past couple of months.


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@alexpavel  thanks for your comment, but what I meant - you still need to activate notification manually by pressing on button. But what I am looking for- if the rule meets condition, that this notification is send automatically to defined users. As far as I know, I have not seen such option.

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@DSENB the functionality of youre suggesting needs to be triggered by something which needs to be more defined. Any potential data cell change which affects that threshold would have the potential of triggering an email so doing that by formulas seem quite tricky.


This would make more sense from a technical point of view once action schedule is built-in somehow. Then you could schedule some sort of action to check a cell value every x minutes and send emails depending on the results


It would make lots of sense to be in anaplan connect roadmap as a sort of monitoring tool. 

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(i meant cloudworks not anaplan connect)