Management Reporting Update!

Community Boss

Some amazing much awaited updates have just been released for Management Reporting.

Check out the details below:

Presentation table summary style formatting - Improve the look and feel of your reports with increased formatting options on the presentation table. Page builders can now style the table row and column headers as well as time and line item summaries. This allows you to highlight or bold sub totals and totals or call out quarter or full year totals

Card templates - Increase the speed of creating your reports and enable consistency by using Card templates now supported in the report page. Where applicable templates are also transferable across all page types, so save a chart card template on a Board and use it on a Report page.

Presentation mode selectors - Its now even easier to switch between your Region, Product or report period on presentation mode with the addition of a collapsible tool bar that enables you to change the context of the slide you are presenting.

Presentation table grid image support - You can now include images within your table on the report, these can be used to represent product images or status.