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Use our exciting new map charts feature to show regional and global maps. This now gives you the ability to highlight states or countries based on performance. The UX map charts include support for all the existing regions today in classic as well as the addition of regional areas within Germany, Japan and the UK.

Read this Anapedia page for more information.

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@VickiA Awesome.

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When hovering over different states or countries on the map, do we see a tool tip / pop-up of the data point? 

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When creating a map chart is it possible to aggregate regions?


For example, suppose I wanted to view East Anglia on a UK map, which is a region comprising of the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. The four counties all have individual region codes (GB-NFK, GB-SFK, GB-ESS and GB-CAM) but there is no code for the wider region of East Anglia - can we merge the counties on a map chart, so that they are viewed together and the chart displays data for the region as a whole?