SS SAML Migration

Community Boss

Anaplan is in the process of migrating customers using our current SSO feature to our new Self Service SAML framework that was released earlier this year.  More details regarding the feature are available in the links below.    

We anticipate the migration for all customers to be completed by early next year.  The migration is an automated process.  You will be able to confirm your environment has been migrated by being able to see your SAML configuration in Anaplan’s Administration application.  The specific instructions to do this are (1) Assign a user the Tenant Security Administrator role in Administration.  Your Tenant Administrator should be able to assign this role. (2) once the role is assigned, the user with this role will be able to see a “Single Sign-on” feature in the Security menu in Administration.  Upon accessing this feature, your SAML connection details will be visible and the Tenant Security Administrator may monitor.