Upcoming UX ALM and forms functionality

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Throughout October, we'll be introducing features to enable a single page to support application lifecycle workflows without the need for separate development and production apps. Specifically, where you have access to the models, you can:

  • Choose between different source models associated with a page.
  • Associate multiple models with a page so you can switch the source model of a page as part of an application lifecycle; for example, Dev, Prod 1, Prod 2, etc.
  • Make draft page changes against a development model and save before publishing to the production model or models.


Forms updates

During the week of October 12, we'll also be making updates to how forms work in the UX. Currently, forms are associated with models and the same instance of the form can be reused/shared many times across different pages built on top of the same model. New updates include:

  • Forms will be associated with a single page, meaning it will no longer be possible to share and reuse forms across multiple pages.
  • Existing forms on pages will become standalone, and they will become unsynced from other forms. Any form changes will need to be made to each form instance on every page.