Worksheets - Additional Insight card context selectors

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*Updated targeted release date*


Based on user feedback, we are updating the behavior of context selectors for Cards in the Additional Insights Panel on Worksheets.
Current behavior:

Currently, when the dimension on pages for a card in the insights panel matches the same dimension as the main grid in a worksheet then the selector is not shown on the card. Even if this was explicitly turned on by the builder.

For example, if we look at the below, Time is a context selector for both the main grid and the chart in the Additional Insights panel. However, as the dimensions match and they both represent time the context selector on the card is removed to avoid duplication.

Additional Insight card context selectors.png


New behavior:

From the week commencing the 11th of August, when the dimension in the main grid and card are the same then the context selector will still be shown on the card. However, the builder can still choose to hide explicitly in the context tab settings.

Additional Insights 2.png

Additional Insights 3.png

How will the update happen?
To avoid pages changing straight after the release, the change of behavior will only happen when a page builder enters the page designer. This means page builders can manage the improved behavior going forward.