Latest Features

Editable drill down in the New UX

Easily edit values in a drilled down grid to see the impact of changes at the bottom level of a drilled down hierarchy on the aggregated summaries.

Read this Anapedia page for more information

Share a Page

Loop more users into the planning process by easily sharing Anaplan UX pages with colleagues via email. Simply tap the “Share” icon on the top of the page, search for users, and add a message with details or action items to begin using this new feature. Watch this 1 minute video on how this new feature works.

Read this Anapedia page for more information.

Search for Apps and Pages on Mobile

Users can now leverage the search feature to quickly find Apps and Pages in the mobile app. View search results broken down by result type and use saved recent searches to find the content needed most often.

Read this Anapedia page for more information.