Clinical Trial Forecasting

This model addresses the planning of global clinical trials and the forecasting of long-range expenses to accurately allocate project resources. It includes a trial management hub, consolidated portfolio analytics, financial and KPI reporting, and forecasting methodologies at the detailed purchase order level. Forecasting is managed through milestone-based allocations and patient enrollment driver calculations.


Specific Model Features


Trial & Purchase Order Management Hubs

  • Key trial milestones and attributes displayed with PO level of detail
  • Efficiently maintain project properties and data

Portfolio Level Analytics and Reports

  • Financial flash reports, KPIs, and variance analysis
  • Saving forecasts and locking down budgets

Patient Enrollment Forecasting

  • Detailed clinical trial enrollment information with key drivers to accurately forecast future enrollment

Multiple Forecasting Methodologies

  • Linear, milestone-based, and driver-based expense forecasting
  • Overrides enabled to adjust forecast figures if needed


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