Restaurant Financial Planning



This model provides a 2-year financial forecast of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Break-Even Point Analysis using 2-years of available historical data.


Industry: Retail & Hospitality


  • With sufficient financial planning, the restaurant business can have a clearer long-term view of their allocation of funds. Analyzing and deploying funds to various departments of your business can have a positive effect in the long run.
  • Financial reports give deep insights into the functioning of a business. The top management and business owners take these financial reports as a guide to foresee the organization in the future. This calls for a decision that is based on insights.
  • Planning well in advance all the taxes that an organization is liable to pay, overheads, expenses, salaries, miscellaneous expenditure etc., will give you a good idea of how to manage your funds. Prioritizing important zones/sections of your business will help you identify where to invest on an urgent basis and which sections of your business can be invested in a later stage.


  • Revenue Performance Dashboard
  • Workforce Expenses Report Dashboard
  • Other OPEX Dashboard
  • Profit & Loss Dashboard
  • Balance Sheet Statement Dashboard
  • Cash Flow Statement Dashboard
  • Break-Even Analysis Dashboard


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