Zero & Driver Based Budgeting

Align your expenditures with strategic goals, improve budget visibility, and enforce cost ownership with PwC's Zero & Driver Based Budgeting app. This app summarizes PwC's experience in Zero & Driver Based Budgeting topped by our expertise in Cost Management.

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Built-in user-friendly budget input templates & functionalities
  • 68 different budgets screens are available and can be rapidly tailored, with detailed price and consumption drivers per cost category.
  • Price lists and business drivers have been built in the app to enforce policy compliance and capture business requirements for procurement purposes.
  • Budget entry is limited to user's profile.
  • Sensitive data (e.g. salary information) can be managed centrally.
  • Different versions can be created (to simulate impact of different inflation rates, conversion rates, changes in policies, reviewed budget, etc).
Embedded variance calculation, commenting & reporting (Tracking & Monitoring)
  • Actuals can be uploaded en masse from existing systems by using specific interfaces or by importing a text file into the app.
  • Actuals vs budget are calculated across all budget dimensions.
  • Comments on the variances can be keyed by budget owners directly in the app and aggregated at the different levels of the organization.
Customizable built-in reporting
  • Pre-defined reports are available to analyse / visualize the data at any level of aggregation.
  • Currency conversion is embedded allowing analysis in any chosen currency.
  • As standard feature of Anaplan, reports are refreshed in real-time.
  • Each report can be easily tailored to the specific needs.
Business empowered
  • The app is user-friendly and can be fully managed by the business. IT expertise is not required.
  • Access management is performed centrally for any dimension, i.e. cost center, cost categories, budget version, roles.
  • Powerful real-time workflow capabilities are embedded to know exactly where submission is blocking / pending/ finalized.


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