Weekly Discussion: Anaplan New Features

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Weekly Discussion: Anaplan New Features

Anaplan has released a lot of new features at end of last year.


Here are some of the features I found interesting:


Grid Image Support

  • This is definitely a feature I can see being useful for displaying metrics by product or employees. This can also be used to build something like a leaderboard with pictures of sales reps. 
  • daian_1-1624298410344.png



  • I have not used CloudWorks, but being able to schedule and automate integrations is always useful. 

Chart Updates:

  • Bar Chart Series Order: 
    • This is a small change, but it's nice to match the order of a series to the legend. 
  • Map Charts
    • I wish they added this earlier! When my team worked on the Anaplan Covid19 Hackathon, we ended up creating our model in Anaplan Classic since map charts weren't supported in the New UX.daian_0-1624297707197.png


    • I hope in the future we can display more line items in the box that shows up when you hover over a map item (currently you can only have one), and that the maps can be configured to be more interactive--with users being able to toggle in and out at different levels of a map hierarchy. 
  • Gantt Charts
    • This is a very nice feature and perfect for planning out projects and tracking out deadlines. I haven't used Gantt charts in the classic, but this is definitely a feature I'll explore. Anaplan has a nice video displaying the feature, which I've linked below. 

Dashboard Import Tool

  • Looks like a really useful tool. I wish this was available earlier, but this will definitely speed up transitions to the New UX. 

Dynamic Recipient Notifications

  • Being able to send notifications out to users from within Anaplan allows users to stay longer inside Anaplan. This greatly speeds up sharing of information, as previously, users would have to export data/charts and email them using an email service. 

UX ALM/Forms 

  • With the new ALM update, we can now choose different source models on a page (ex. Dev, Staging, Prod, etc), and make draft page changes without impact production.
    • This feature definitely makes sense and helps secure the New UX against unintentional changes. 
  • Forms will be associated with a single page 

Which new features are you most excited about? Which features do you already use? And which do you plan to use?

- Diana Xu