Expense Tracking for FEMA Cost Recovery presentation with Carahsoft 5/21 @2pm EST

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Expense Tracking for FEMA Cost Recovery presentation with Carahsoft 5/21 @2pm EST

Join the City of Tallahassee as we present our new FEMA Expense Tracking Model and discuss our past successes and shortfalls with the FEMA reimbursement process this Thursday presented by Carahsoft. Included below are the registration links and event description:




Thursday Ma 21, 2020

2:00pm ET, 60 minutes

In a crisis like COVID-19, tracking FEMA and other public assistance disaster recovery expenditures at the required level of detail is a common pain point for organizations.


Join this complimentary webinar to hear experts from the City of Tallahassee, Florida share how to optimize the tracking of FEMA disaster recovery expenditures, best practices for tracking emergency reimbursements, and the City's journey to improve resource allocation for better decision making.


Specifically, you'll learn about:

·        The City’s successes and challenges in recovering a $45 million reimbursement from the past 3 hurricanes and current efforts to track COVID-19 response

·        Effective tracking of expenditures cost data through this solution

·        Providing real-time analytics of expenditures and pivoting from internal financial systems to evolving FEMA guidelines

·        Uploading government organizational account structures and configuring disaster event projects

·        Deploying and enabling emergency field workers with a mobile app


Register today to better track crisis response expenses! 




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Looking forward to it, @SRoberts!

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@DavidEdwards  excited to "see" you there!

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