Session 3 - London Meet up (Anaplan Modelers Forum UK)

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Session 3 - London Meet up (Anaplan Modelers Forum UK)

Hi everyone, please can you let me know if you're available on either 12th or 13th June (6-8pm) for the next Anaplan Modelers Forum London meet up (session number 3). At the end of the last session we came up with the following list of agenda items with a specific focus on sharing our ideas and experiences of implementing Anaplan: 

  • Interactive discussion: Experiences of Anaplan within our organisations – journeys so far?
  • How to improve the use of Anaplan across departments – breaking down the barriers to enable truly connected planning
  • Anaplan solutions and stakeholders - focusing your efforts on the most effective use cases and keeping stakeholders happy
  • Mobile App beta demo (Paul Gallagher)

Please can each of you post a message on here with your availability as well as any agenda ideas or feedback for the next meet up.




Hi Yugnesh


Unfortunately I can't make either of the dates.  June is proving to be a very busy month 🙂  

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Sounds like it's going to be a good event but unfortunately I'm going to be away on those dates.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can make the next one.



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Hi everyone, so if we held the next London meet up on 13th June we would have the following attendees:

Me, Magali, Usman, Alessio, Dom, Roger, Brad, James and Paul

(Apologies Jatinnayi and StephanieH - if anything changes at your end please join us) 

If you haven't done so please can you confirm whether you're able to attend - I think I'm still to hear back from:








In terms of agenda items please keep posting here and I will collate prior to the next meet up.




Hi Everyone,


Sorry for the delay Yugnesh. I'm afraid I am on holidays on the dates but I look forward to reading the minutes and joining the next session!

Talk soon! Sneha 

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Fyi - @Paul will be doing a demonstration of the Mobile App!


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Hi - Sorry been away for the last few days. At the moment won't be able to make this one, that might change depending on how my current project proceeds.

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Hi Yunesh,


I will be there all things being well.


Looking forward to it.


Suggestion on topics;

1. The best practice for finding and removing inefficient parts of models

2. How others devolve locking/freezing various scenarios within models; and manage access rights throughout a monthly cycle

3. How we can quickly/easily integrate apps from the community in to our models


Many thanks


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I'm seeing some interesting points. Would it be worth creating some a backlog and a quick voting system to prioritize items ? 

I've got another one : 

- Tools, strategies and best practices for debugging model performances. To be more specific, this point could be split in two streams :

1) Anaplan has access to tools that provide key information on model behaviour and performances, but we don't. eg Splunk/Model Open analysis outputs are a prime example. How can we leverage/improve in this area ?

2) On the other hand there are some best practices, steps that could be performed systematically from model builders. 

Happy to present a specific example as a starting point for discussion.

Is this of interest ?

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Hi Yugnesh


June 13th is good for me.





Hi Yugnesh,


Unfortunately I can't make either date.  I don't work in London and so I'll only be able to attend if I'm visiting for something else.  Looking forward to reading the output though!