Model Design

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Time spent at the front end of the model design process is time saved during the model-building process. Great model design helps the customer avoid a trip back to the drawing board after you’ve realized you completely overlooked an important piece of structure or processes. In model design, begin by:

  • Understanding the business requirements for the model (in the SOW)
  • Identifying who will use the model (defined in the SOW)
  • Documenting how users will interact with the model (defined by user stories)
  • Establishing how data flows through the model (defined in Rough Cut or SOW)


These considerations must be clearly defined to avoid any unwanted surprises after model building begins.


Remember: measure twice, cut once. When completing a model design, double-check information before you get started. Work through your design by white boarding or using flip chart paper to capture the model elements and process flow. Design the model before you begin to build. Anaplan uses a flexible, Agile process for development, so things will change and shift a bit.

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