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User testing is usually a time when bugs and enhancements come to light. The customer may call things defects that are actually enhancements. Carefully consider these requests; capture the enhancement ideas for another release. Create a triage committee to sort through UAT feedback. Be careful about over-promising. Do not add to the model during UAT; instead, ensure the model is robust and stable.


The model must meet the customer’s usability expectations. Usability includes performance: wait times must be kept to the minimum described that you and the customer have agreed to. (See the Service Levels section in Chapter 5 Implementation Phase.) If human testing shows that a certain task or item is misunderstood, work with users to adapt the dashboard so it works smoothly for them. The adoption of Anaplan is at stake: happy users make a satisfied project team.

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My customer is asking how to do automated regression testing.

We are currently in phase 1 of the project building, and we are about to start phase 2 in December.

The need is to automate testing of functions built in phase 1, otherwise the testing will be extensive for phase 2.


So any input on available tools or approaches would be helpful.....