Engaging with the Anaplan Community

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Within the Anaplan Community, there are many ways for users to easily connect with each other. If you have a question, an idea, or a solution, there is a place for you to share. We’ll discuss the Discussion Boards and User Groups below.

Discussion Boards

Within the Discussion Boards you can ask a question, answer questions, start a new topic discussion, participate in an active topic discussion, and suggest new product features you’d like to see in the future. Discussion Boards are a great way to stay in the know and learn from other Anaplan users.

How to Participate in Discussion Boards

Step 1: Using the hamburger menu in the top left, navigate to the category you’d like to create a discussion thread in. For this example, we’ll be using “Product Conversations.”  Picture1.png
Step 2: When you have clicked on a category, you’ll then select a discussion board that best matches your topic interest. For this example, let's go with “Dashboards." 2.png
Step 3: On the discussion board home page, you’ll find a list of the current active discussion topics. Here, you can search to see if another user already posted something that closely matches what you are looking to share. If you find one that matches be sure to use that topic to share your thoughts. 3.png
Step 4: Once you find a topic of interest and click into it you’ll find that you can then reply to the author, give the author Kudos if you like what they shared, and even add tags to help other users find this topic. If you’d like to create a response to the topic click reply at the bottom. 4.png
Step 5: After clicking the “reply” button you’ll be redirected to the “reply to message” page. There you’ll be able to create your response. Within your response you can include a file to support your statement or clarify your question, and add tags to make your post more searchable for other users.  You can also select the box in the upper right-hand corner to be notified when someone replies to your message.  5.png

6.png*If the topic you had questions or comments about isn’t listed in any of the discussion boards you can start a new topic by following this short video:






User Groups

Within User Groups, you can connect with Anaplan users in your region, participate in discussion boards, and attend in-person meetings to collaborate with other users and Anaplanners. Whether you join online or attend an in-person meeting, user groups are the perfect way to learn new tips and tricks from other users.

How to Find Your Local User Group

Step 1: First, head over to the hamburger menu and scroll down to Anaplan User Groups. Once there, click Anaplan User Groups. 7.png
Step 2: After clicking into Anaplan User Groups another menu will appear listing the different region-based user groups. Select the location that you are closest to. 8.png
Step 3: From there, you should land on the user group’s home page. This is where you’ll be able to find up-to-date information, discussion boards, and when the next meeting will be.  9.png


Looking for more ways to engage? Share your thoughts and comments below! 

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