Staying Aware of Platform Updates and Scheduled Downtimes

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We are constantly working to make the Anaplan platform better. Two of the ways we do that are by regularly making updates to it and regularly communicating with you about how and when those updates will be made.

To stay aware of updates to the Anaplan platform so you can do what you do best—plan—we have provided several media to receive notice.

  • The Platform Releases page. Stay up to date on what’s new by subscribing to our Platform Releases blog, see what’s on the horizon with our Release Calendar and Upcoming Features page, and ask questions in our Platform Release Discussion Board.

  • You can get up-to-the-minute status by navigating to to see the state of each platform, Integration and Extensions, the Anaplan Community site, and the website. Simply navigate to
  • Email, SMS, and Atom or RSS feed. If you want to be notified by of upcoming updates and scheduled downtime, subscribe to email, SMS, Atom feed, or RSS feed updates at if you are not already enrolled!

We will notify you at least week in advance of scheduled downtimes.11.png


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