What does your Business Partner do?

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Anaplan Business Partners (BP) are your dedicated Anaplan experts and conduits to the Anaplan village.

What is a Business Partner responsible for?

Business Partners and our external Partner ecosystem share the responsibility of making you successful in your implementation, supporting you ongoing post-deployment, assisting you with end user adoption guidance, connecting you to the Anaplan Community, and guiding you through your Anaplan journey. 

What can you expect from your Business Partner? 


  • Support you throughout your Anaplan deployment and be involved in key milestones
  • Connect you to various Anaplan departments including Sales, Product, Engineering, and Finance
  • Facilitate check-ins post Go Live to ensure your end users are adopting and you are generally satisfied with the platform
  • Guide you through your Anaplan journey by leveraging The Anaplan Way methodology
  • Serve as your Anaplan expert in addition to your implementation team including guidance around workspace architecture, model design, and data integration 
  • Drive active participation in the Anaplan Community and local user groups
  • Monitor customer health, usage, and adoption

Have more questions? Reach out directly to your Customer Success Business Partner.

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