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The U.S.E.R. Methodology
The U.S.E.R. Methodology

With best practices gathered from our User Experience team and many of UX implementations, we’ve developed a proven methodology to tackle the design and transition to the UX.

This recommended framework for rolling out the UX is helpful for users who are implementing it as part of their very first Anaplan implementation, but it is even more valuable for those migrating from Classic. Read on to ensure you get the most value out of the UX by targeting the highest priority business processes and truly reimagining what the Anaplan experience can be like for your users.

Interested in learning more about how this methodology has been used? Read our Utilizing the U.S.E.R. Deployment Methodology to transition to the UX article
and check out a Master Anaplanner's perspective in the Using the U.S.E.R. Methodology to Move to the UX blog post.

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The plan
Build apps and pages after completing the New UX foundational training

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do all customers have access to the Anaplan UX? What is the cost?
    All customers across all editions have access to the Anaplan UX and are encouraged to use its capabilities to build dashboards (or pages, using UX terminology). To get started, simply assign a user as a Page Builder to start creating pages in UX.

  2. Who can be a Page Builder?
    All Model Builders and Connected Planning Users have the ability to be assigned the Page Builder role, which allows the user to create UX pages for broad use across an organization.

  3. How can I get assigned a Page Builder role?
    Your Tenant Administrator can assign page builders by following this process. If you do not know who your Tenant Administrator is, please contact for assistance.

  4. What training is available for me to get started with implementing in UX?
    We have several on-demand training courses that showcase the UX, both for page builders and end users. Check them out here.

  5. What time and effort is required in order to move Classic dashboards to UX dashboards?
    Please work with your Anaplan implementation team to determine time and effort required to transition.

  6. I currently have a lot of Classic dashboards. Is there a more automated way to migrate from Classic to UX?
    With the Dashboard Import Tool you can now easily move a classic dashboard to the new UX. This accelerator tool pulls across module grids and standard charts from a Classic dashboard to a Board page. This tool is a great starting point to building out pages in the UX based on an existing dashboard, which can be modified as needed. For more information about this process, review the Dashboard Import Tool article in Anapedia.

  7. I’m interested in UX but do not have the resources to implement UX dashboards. What support is available?
    There are two ways in which you can get extended support for transitioning from Classic to UX.

    First, we have a UX Success Accelerator offered by our Professional Services team that will help strategize, design, and deploy UX dashboards for you. Alternatively, our strong partner network is also available to provide implementation support. For more information, please contact your Business Partner who can help identify options.

  8. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is critical to my Anaplan processes. Does UX support this?
    Yes! We currently have features to enable lifecycle management by building pages based on a development model, and then migrating to a production model in the same tenant. The full guide on how to perform lifecycle management with current capabilities in the UX can be found here. To learn more about the first phase of ALM for the UX and how it works, click here

  9. I want to be able to test load and concurrency before deploying UX. How can I do that?
    Please contact your Business Partner who can provide options for conducting load and concurrency testing for the UX.

  10. Can I get exact dates on specific features I would like that aren’t currently available in UX (but are available in Classic)?
    Because of our agile product development methodology, it’s difficult to share exact dates for feature releases, but please know we are actively working on delivering outcome parity with Classic. That said, we will be posting information in our typical channels as UX features get closer to release, so please subscribe to our Platform Releases blog to stay up-to-date on what’s coming and what’s been added to the platform.