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Interested in securing your data?

Anaplan’s cloud-based encryption technology lets you encrypt and control any data in the cloud before incorporating it into your planning models.


This blog presents a consolidated list of resources that will guide you in implementing Anaplan’s Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) technology. We recommend you to follow those articles in order:

  1. Anaplan BYOK Data Sheet
  2. What Data is Encrypted by BYOK?
  3. Why BYOK is Secure
  4. How finance can avoid a data scandal
  5. Get Started with BYOK
  6. BYOK Best Practices

Already using BYOK? Interested in trying? Let us know your thoughts below.

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The content in this article has not been evaluated for all Anaplan implementations and may not be recommended for your specific situation.
Please consult your internal administrators prior to applying any of the ideas or steps in this article.
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