Migration Strategy

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Migration Strategy

Use this thread to post your questions or experiences on the transition to HyperModels


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Re: Migration Strategy

Hi @DavidSmith!

Tell me please, are there any peculiarities when switching to HyperModels? I thought it was just a setting that changes the size limit of the workspace. Does migration requires additional steps from the workspace administrator?


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David is no longer with Anaplan, but he is doing very well and we all miss him.  The engine is the exact same with HyperModels and "regular" models, but you should be careful in following modeling best practices because you will theoretically have more data so the poor performing logic and bad structures could be more costly.  Here is an article David wrote before he left which may help:





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Re: Migration Strategy



I need to migrate from standard WS to hypermodel WS and I don't want to lose data in the process. My situation is the following:


  • Standard WS 1
    • DEV Model
  • Standard WS 2
    • UAT Model (Deployed Mode)

We don't have a PROD model yet. We need to move to 2 new hypermodel WS and we would like to prevent losing data in both models, but at the same time we would like to be able to sync the new DEV (hypermodel) and UAT (hypermodel) models. Is that even possible? I thought of the following approach, but I think we will still lose some data in the process:


  1. Create last revision tag in DEV model (standard WS) and sync to UAT model (standard WS)
  2. Backup UAT model (standard WS)
  3. Copy UAT model (standard WS) to hypermodel WS
  4. Set all lists as NON Production Data in the UAT model (hypermodel WS)
  5. Create a revision tag in the UAT model (hypermodel WS)
  6. Create DEV model (hypermodel WS) based on the revision tag created in previous step
  7. Revert the change made on step 2 to set necessary lists back to Production Data in UAT model (hypermodel WS)
  8. Create a new revision tag in UAT model (hypermodel WS)
  9. Sync to DEV model (hypermodel WS)
  10. Set UAT model (hypermodel WS) to Deployed Mode

My understanding is that this will allow us to keep all data in the lists, but not the data imported to any module using the lists. Am I right? If yes, is there any other approach that allows to keep all data in both models, even if I can't copy the current data in both (keeping data from UAT model and replicating it to the DEV model works for us)?


Thanks in advance!