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Anaplan Updates

Anaplan New Feature Spotlight - Customized Home


Customize your Home Screen: Select and display the sections (models, apps, pages) most relevant to you on Home and hide the ones you don’t need. Your customizations are saved, so next time you visit Anaplan you’ll see things on Home just as you left them. In this example (see image attached on the right side of your screen), I have collapsed Models and Pages and I’ve switched the display of my apps from list to grid. Let me know what you think!


All New Features

Here's a link to a page that describes all of the newly released functions on our platform, if you’re interested.


The Weekly Share  

The Weekly Share features the top stories, assets, news and ideas from or about Anaplan, Connected Planning and digital transformation. Consider it your weekly digest of share-worthy content to help spark conversations with your contacts, prospects and customers. 


  1.  Digital #CPX2020 

There’s more CPX to come this week. REGISTER: If you haven’t registered yet, please do so HERE 


  1.  Don’t miss a thing! Interactive and on-demand content at DigitalCPX 

Anaplan Blog  

Ahead of #CPX2020 Anaplan created a blog and a how-to video to help you navigate registration and make the most out of the session builder tool! Check it out today.  


  1.  Anaplan Elevates Alliance with Deloitte Bringing Intelligent Solutions to Drive Customer Agility and... 

Anaplan Press Release  

Since the start of their alliance in 2014, Anaplan and Deloitte have helped customers accelerate digital transformation! Read more about our intelligence-driven solutions and tune into @Deloitte’s keynote at #CPX2020.  


Quote we loved: “We are proud of the tremendous growth of our global strategic alliance with Deloitte. As business leaders work to navigate continued volatility and disruption, we believe our momentum underscores the value and innovation we deliver to our joint customers to help them optimize performance and turn change into advantage.” — Frank Calderoni, Anaplan 


  1.  The Genesis of Network Supply Chain Planning for our Modern World 


The demands of today’s supply chain are challenged by dated sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes, complex global networks and increasing disruption from events. This whitepaper from our Gold partner Vuealta, explores the need for a planning revolution, one that is event-driven, scenario-based and considers all inputs networked with one another.