A+ for Anaplan (Model Builder Edition)

A+ for Anaplan (Model Builder Edition)

A+ for Anaplan (Model Builder Edition) is an add-on for Chrome that has quite a few nice features: Link 


Unfortunately due to the sensitivity of the data that I and other companies/users work with, I am unable to utilize this add-on due to the required permissions.

I would love to see these features brought in-house, if possible, and quite a few other requests/ideas that have been submitted actually have been solved via this tool.


@obriegr - this looks amazing - probably worth it to itemize all the features as individual ideas. There's 10-12 really cool things this add-on does.

Just curious, when you say you don't have permissions is it because you can't add Chrome add-ons? 

Also, do you know if all Anaplan users must have this add-on in order to see the changes you made, or is this just for modelers browser and does not affect other users?

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@JaredDolich Security reasons, if an add-on can read data from my browser I am not allowed to add it without it being vetted by our security teams.

As for the non-model builder vs the model builder version, I did not look at the differences or if they need to work, with all of the features.

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@obriegr good to know on the security component. I figured that might be an issue. 


I would say the syntax highlighter, formula indentation and function helper should be at the top of the list for features to add. These would be a huge benefit for model builders. 

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@JaredDolich the features are only for your own browser. It does not affect other users unless they also install the add-on.

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Thank you! All Kudos'd

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I remember in a Melbourne meetup that was done around Oct/Nov last year they may have shown an enhanced view for model builders that they're working on? Can anyone here shed any light whether this is true or if it's just my bad memory?

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