[ALM] Error dialog should be more specific

[ALM] Error dialog should be more specific

[ALM] Error dialog should be more specific when model cannot be restored to a serial due to it being before a sync


Description of the enhancement: 

Attempting to restore a model to a previous serial which was prior to a sync will fail. This is not recorded in the core logs - it would be good to log in the core logs that there was a failed history restore and it was due to trying to restore to a serial pre sync.

The error dialog reported to the user does not mention why this restore did not complete.

The following dialog message which the user receives does not explain this:
"The model could not be restored and has been left unchanged. Try restoring to another restore point ID or contact Anaplan support if you require further assistance."


Why would this improve your business process:

Telling the user why they couldn't restore will prevent the user being confused and having to contact Support.

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