API: GET the data in a chunk in JSON format

API: GET the data in a chunk in JSON format


Enhancement request for Export API: Download file (sample URL below) to output data in JSON format
Example of enhancement:

GET https://api.anaplan.com/major/minor/workspaces/workspaceID/models/modelID/files/fileID/chunks/chunkI...

Anaplan Connect does not have the Export (direct) into Oracle functionality, so we have to use other integration tools instead (like Workato). We are planning on developing Workato's recipes by calling Anaplan's Export REST API and parsing the Export data in JSON format and loaded into Oracle data warehouse.

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Great suggestion.  I recently built a Node.js javascript application for API-to-API integration with Google Maps.  I had to translate csv to JSON in code, would be much easier (less code to break / maintain) if I could simply get the data as JSON.  

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Agreed or re-architect completely, to avoid the file and query the model directly. 


get https://api.anaplan.com/major/minor/workspaces/workspaceID/models/modelID/results [param:a,b,c etc...]


This way you can then add parameters to query the data from source, rather than extracting all results, and doing a transformation and selection after the fact.

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Hi all,


Is this still on the roadmap? We were internally discussing a use-case and having an API to get data in JSON format would be terrific.





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Thank you for your idea submission. After careful review with our internal product teams on your idea, we unfortunately have decided this does not fit our current platform road map. Thanks so much for taking the time to submit this idea and please continue to submit your ideas for how to make the Anaplan platform better. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Anaplan team at Community@Anaplan.com.

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