API V2 Enhancement - more info about models

API V2 Enhancement - more info about models

As a member of Anaplan Center of Excellence and user of Anaplan Integration API, I need to get more information about models.

In old version of API (1.3), we could get more information about models than in newer one (2.0). The missing (and really useful) data are:


I would need above available also in new version of API, as I'm actively using these.

Also, for workspaces we can get 'sizeAllowance', but for models we can't retrieve something like 'currentSize', which would be very useful.

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Great idea @M.Kierepka! the last modified and last modified by user are essential for Anaplan Centres of Excellence!

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Great idea for auditing.

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On the roadmap! Awesome!

Thank you @M.Kierepka for submitting this! 

I can move to V2 for some of my auditing when this becomes a thing.

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