Ability for admins to see when users are using a model

Ability for admins to see when users are using a model

Description of Enhancement:
We would like the ability to see real time user sessions to allow for troubleshooting and to plan for production pushes eliminating user impact.


Example of Enhancement:
This information should be available within the Tenant Administrator function.


How this would help their business process:
This is necessary to properly administer the system before proceeding with data loads. Will also allow the system administrator to determine peak usage times to minimize user interruptions.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
Certified Master Anaplanner

Hi, This would also be great for using ALM. Before pushing changes to a model, we could check that nobody would be kicked out.

Certified Master Anaplanner

One idea to help with ALM syncs is to check the model history to see if any users are currently in the model and making updates before you push a sync.   


If this is a major ALM sync / push to production, you should schedule this and turn the model to 'Offline' which limits end users from logging into the model.