Ability for customers to set time frame for when sessions will time out

Ability for customers to set time frame for when sessions will time out

A detailed description of the enhancement that is being requested:
The Anaplan timeout is currently set at 30 min for ALL users of Anaplan. This setting should be set at the CUSTOMER level so that the customer can control what is an appropriate timeout for their organization. Some may want 10 min timeouts for stricter security, and some may want 10 hr timeouts so they can run processes overnight if needed.
A global timeout does not solve any security issues, it just restricts everyone to use the same global setting. This needs to be flexible.


To provide more clarification, could you please explain how you hope the enhancement would assist in your business process(es)?:
Same as above – Every business needs the flexibility to determine what is an appropriate timeout for their users to ensure the proper security and usability for their specific org.

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I support this as well. I model part-time and am on a number of meetings for the rest of my day; it is incredibly frustrating to be halfway through something in Anaplan, get a call, and then come back to find that I have to log in and I have lost all my views and even draft (unsaved) dashboards. Being able to set at a user level would be great. 

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This would definitely would help and "limit" frustration to log-in again multiple times a day. We started using Anaplan in our company recently and this is one of the most heard point to be improved.

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I agree with that idea too. It would be useful if admins could set the time out period per workspace/model. I am receiving complaints from users that might be using other systems as well at the same time or having 2 Anaplan models open and after a call they are kicked out so they have to select everything from scratch.

Personally as a model builder I find it a bit inconvenient when working on something and having to go in a meeting (for example in the middle of troubleshooting using a temporary view which is not saved and after my meeting my view is lost and have to set it up from scratch).

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Allowing admin to set the model timeout would be lot helpful.

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It would be really great to have it. Very often Customers are asking about such functionality. Would be nice to be able to set the time per Workspace or at least Tenant. 

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Yes, would be a good benefit to be able to change it individually and quickly for relevant workspaces. Clients are regularly asking for this feature. 🙂

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