Ability for summaries to only include the items which are visible after filtering

Details of Enhancement:
Enhance filters on a dashboard to update totals and subtotals in summary rows - when a filter is applied, the subtotal should update to sum only the filtered records

How this would help their business process:
When users see a filtered view, or adjust a filter, subtotals and totals can be misleading / not correctly represent what is on the screen

Community Manager
Status changed to: On Roadmap
New Contributor

this is a great Idea and a mus to have

Community Manager

This requires some considerable changes to the fundamentals of our calculation engine and has quite a high cost. We need to see more demand before we can add this to the roadmap and start work on this.

Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
New Contributor

'Summaries for filtered items' is also one of the requirements I faced. I would also very much appreciate this feature.

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

It's a heavy calculation workaround but often go with if not filter then Y else X as there's often more false than true.

But having it properly in the engine a bit like subtotal(9,[filter range]) in Excel would be very beneficial.

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