Ability to Filter Line Items in NUX by another module line item boolean with User dimension

Ability to Filter Line Items in NUX by another module line item boolean with User dimension

Currently, it is not allowed to filter line items in NUX.

It will be great to be able to filter Line Items in NUX by a separate module line item in boolean format with User dimension so that it provides better user experience where user can make choices to filter certain line items.

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Do you mean something similar to the Excel Hide&Show ?

If that’s the case as far as I’m aware it should be made available soon, with the option of resetting to the “initial view”.

While I’m writing this I wonder if the user selection would be “remembered” or if the page would reset once you navigate away/between sessions?

Also, have you considered the use of “My pages”? Or am I misinterpreting your requirement ? Perhaps you need something dynamic that is driven by a specific logic?


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Yes, I'm referring to dynamic filtering of line items by specific logic.

You could build line item subset currently to dynamically do filtering but only works if the line item is numbered format.


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@michael_park  very good point. Totally agree. 

this is part of aligning the "classic" with "NewUX" interfaces. 🙂


There is already an idea to extend the line-item subsets not only on numeric formatted line-items, but to all. 

This way building dynamic filters for line-items will be easily achieved. 


Please kudo this idea if you agree:



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It is now possible in view designer to filter by a line item in another module.

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