Ability to add Folder structure to Lists, Modules, Actions etc

Ability to add Folder structure to Lists, Modules, Actions etc


Being able to keep a model clean and well organised is really important in allowing model builders to understand and work with the model going forward.  Often we find that as a model grows, the number of lists, modules, actions etc grows quite large and can start to become difficult to manage.


This enhancement idea is to give model builders the ability to add folders to each of these areas.  These folders could be nested and simply allow for the different modules, lists etc to be organised into this folder structure making the model easier to work with as it grows.  This would make some of our current approaches to organisation (such as creating dummy separator lists) redundant and would be a more robust solution.


See the attached screenshots for some mock ups of how this might look.



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Karl - Thanks for the great detail and including screenshots - This definitely meets our guidelines and I am moving this to our acknowledged status so it can continue to get feedback/support in the community.  Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

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Yes, this is a big one.  I struggle with the endless list of dashboards / modules / actions etc.  Having a way to organize them (beyond just inserting empty placeholders in the lists), and better yet HIDE ones I don't want to see at that time would be game changing.  



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Status changed to: Under Investigation
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Thank you for your idea submission.  After careful review with our internal product teams, it has been decided that this does not fit our current platform road map. Thank you for taking the time to submit the idea and we really appreciate the details, which allowed our product team to understand the issue and think through potential solutions carefully.

Status changed to: Not Planned

Yes Please !!