Ability to add folder structure in model management

Ability to add folder structure in model management

Description of the enhancement required:

Create folders and keep the models in various folders


How would it help their business process:
We have about 15 modellers working on different models. Wed like to be able to organise them better. Sometimes we might forget the names of models they are creating. In windows, they can access different excel sheets from folders which is how they are organised.


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This would be very helpful for us because we have ~30 models for one use case, and among these 30 there is a segregation between DEV, UAT, and PROD. Having folders for each category would help prevent admins from accidentally opening a PROD and making an update to data when we are testing a change that was synced to UAT.


This would extend the need for folders to the Frontdoor level, as models in the same category may exist in multiple workspaces.

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Even as a basic requirement it would be helpful to be able to sort the models by name / size in the model management window.

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This is crucial for organization and adoption.  It is very frustrating to scroll through an unorganized list of models. 

Should be able to create folders and organize and expand/collapse. 

Also need to be able to apply SECURITY by these folders!

PLEASE add this feature ASAP!